SYMBOLIC encapsulates a series of digital frames and large scale printed artworks extracted from Franz Rosati real-time visual composition software such as Pathline #1, Streakline #1. This collection wants to encapsulate the dichotomy between the organic motion and behavior, freezed in an still frame and the artificial wireframe shape, playing with pseudo-symbolic structures, archetypes, sacred geometry and intricate chaotic features. Each artwork within the Symbolic collection is a product of real-time generation employing bespoke software fueled by generative and procedural algorithms. The meticulous capture of these frames occurs in high-definition quality, capturing the ephemeral essence of the software’s output, dynamically influenced by input from sound stimuli.

MaCRO La Pelanda – Collective Exhibition 2013

Franz Rosati

Sound, Visual, Programming




generative installation / software art


Audio format:

2.2 – PCM 44.1/24 – 96/24

Video format:

2160p @60FPS