Franz Rosati creates audiovisual concerts, electronic music, video installations, software art and printed artworks.

The balance between visuals, sounds and music and the intersection between real and digital domains are at the core of its artistic production
Projects like Latentscape and Distantia are grounded into narrative structures where the cinematic events and soundscapes creates a new cartography or ever-shifting imaginary worlds presented as Audiovisual Concerts as well as Contemplative Video Installations.
Vast digital landscapes, transforming Pointclouds or disrupting wire-frame structures are crafted using intricate workflows that put together aural and visual domain, open data, programming languages, scientific software, artificial intelligence, and video game engines.

When presented as audiovisual concert, audio and visual concepts are modeled over a cinematic and narrative approach, emphasizing the interplay between sound and images. This is consistently enriched by real-time interventions that add new and unpredictable elements to each performance, thanks to the interaction between sounds, images, and generative/procedural structures.
The same visual and auditory elements take the form of digital artworks designed for contemplative engagement, intended for large screens, LED walls, art galleries, and audiovisual installations.

Sound and music hold a central role in every work, representing the result of a profound process of material selection and transfiguration of acoustic sources. Traditional or unusual acoustic sources, environmental field recordings, or samples from found materials are the elements blended together into deeply emotive music, rich of tense crescendos and abrupt interruptions, heavy anvil sounding percussions, rhythmic noise patterns, and a cinematic sound design that maintains a constant balance between digital and organic shape.

Designed by Alexander Succhiarelli and developed by Francesco Califano