RUINS A/V is a Live audio-visual Work designed around RUINS a new sound work by Franz Rosati out on Nephogram Editions.
It is centered on che concept of “ruin” intended as what remains of a collapsed structure, in social, physical and psychic meaning.
What we define a “ruin”, and not a mere debris *, is not a collection of wasted parts of an original object, but something withstanding a transfiguration process over the time, in which only the strongest parts, the basis, endure and reconfigure themself. The sounds used on CD and live performance come from new and old field recordings, rehearsals for concerts gathered during the 2010-2014 period, scraps and drafts. Conversely from old releases such as, for example, “Theory Of Vortex Sound” (Ripples Recordings, 2011), “RUINS” is the first one not to come out from the result of a collection of improvisations without further and significant post-editing. The visuals part is a work about visual structures coming from “modified” mathematical formulas with the aim to create an audioreactive structure defined by a corrputed symmetry, rifts, incomplete paths, broken vanishing points, like the one you see in the old debris and makes you perceive there was a precise structure.

Franz Rosati

Sound, Visuals, Programming




audiovisual live set


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Audio format:

2.2 – PCM 44.1/24 – 96/24

Video format:

2160p @60FPS

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