NXLL is an audiovisual release, subdivided in five distinct chapters, NXLL depict a simulated expedition across hypothetical digital astral dimensions. This structured journey invites participants to traverse ethereal terrains, creating a virtual exploration through astral planes of existence. The seamless fusion of technology and artistry offers an immersive and transcendent experience, blurring the boundaries between the physical and the virtual, as voyagers navigate these meticulously constructed digital realms.
A virtual journey through astral planes of existence / Astral travel through virtual planes of existence.
NXLL is audiovisual release crafted from Map of Null live set. It was made by using Unity and TouchDesigner to create the visual landscape while employing MaxMSP for its intricate sound design. During the live performance, the Octatrack is used to arrange the sound elements, ensuring a seamless integration of aural and visual elements.

Franz Rosati

Sound, Visuals, Concept




AV Release



Audio format:

PCM 2.0

Video format:

4k @60fps