map of null S013A.1

Audiovisual Installation
Procedural / CGI
00:05:00 avg
asynchronous playback
audio format
PCM 44.1/24 – 96/24
2.1 / 4.1 / 8.1
video format
up to 2160/60 h264
2 / 4 / 8 screens




Map Of Null is a journey through a seemingly uninhabited metaphysical landscape that reveals, through its colors and forms, a portrait of emotional, sensorial and unconscious traces of a route where relationships and the flow of collective thoughts, are intertwined, turning into a terraformation of pure thought and neural activity released in an immanent cyber-astral dimension. When the physical and temporal presence disappear, all the thoughts, informations, collected data are no longer forced to become sense, number, sequence syntax or structure but are free to self-organize themselves in an indefinable, undulating body, crossed by the reflections of its own light. Map of Null concept revolves around the dichotomy between presence-absence and null-void.



90mt screen based installation
FRAMED* X Dong Gallery Taipei
jan/mar 2020, Taipei
Digital Numbered Copy



Franz Rosati
Concept / Sounds / Visuals