Audiovisual Installation
Procedural / CGI
00:05:00 avg
asynchronous playback
audio format
PCM 44.1/24 – 96/24
2.1 / 4.1 / 8.1
video format
up to 2160/60 h265
2 / 4 / 8 screens

HYLETICS SERIE 004 – Emptiness estimation of adjacent surfaces

Hyletics is a serie of audiovisual artworks organised in “sequenze”, focused on the representation and exploration of material surfaces which may resemble terraformations, minerals or organic and artificial fabrics, formed through the aggregation of emotional data. The aesthetics is inspired by the CGI era when photorealism was remarkable but still far from the current results, forcing our perception to imagine reality, nature, life, hidden among streams of pixels. Surfaces and textures are generated by mixing procedural generation techniques with images and data coming from geographic information systems as well as daily life footage.



Franz Rosati
Concept / Sounds / Visuals